what is ndis?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a scheme of the Australian Government that funds costs associated with disability.

NDIS Related Services

Assessment: Invision Psychology can assist with NDIS access if assessment and a report are required to demonstrate evidence of a disability, for example in cases of intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder.

Capacity Building: For those who have access to the NDIS and allocated funding for Improved Daily Living, funding for psychology services may be available to assist with capacity building in areas of learning, social, communication, self-management or self-care.

How does it work?

Initial assessment and report for NDIS access must be funded privately, however during the process of NDIS access, your local area coordinator (LAC) will work with you to formulate the goals that your NDIS plan will be designed to support.

If your goals include increasing ability in areas of learning, social, communication, self-management or self-care, and evidence is provided to support recommendations for a psychologist to assist with capacity building in these areas, you may be eligible to receive funding to access psychology supports in this way.

How do I know if I can use my NDIS funding for psychology?

This information can be found on your NDIS portal, or by talking to your local area coordinator (LAC), support coordinator or plan manager. Note that we are not able to process NDIS payments for NDIA managed participants.

Note that if funding is not currently available, a case may be made for supports at your next NDIS plan review with supporting evidence.

Note that NDIS funding cannot be used for treatment of mental health conditions or psychological assessment. Rebates for mental health treatment may be available through the Medicare Mental Health Care Plan with referral from a GP and funding for 4 hours of assessment of autism in children may be available through the Medicare Helping Children with Autism Scheme with referral from a paediatrician.

What to expect?

Your psychologist will be interested in getting to know you, your current supports and your NDIS related goals for capacity building. You will be provided information regarding how psychology might help to attain specific gaols and a plan to do this will be formulated together with your psychologist. Future sessions will work with this plan and progress toward your goals will be measured. A progress report for the NDIS may be part of the service to provide evidence of need for ongoing supports.

How to access the service?

Contact our friendly admin team via our contact page, phone or email address to start the intake process. We will send you an intake form and our information sheet and consent form and an NDIS service agreement if you have an NDIS plan with funding allocated for psychology.