Invision Psychology is a family run business based out of Rockhampton in Central Queensland.

Alex Parkes is the principal psychologist and director, and his partner Shen manages the business administration. Their son Nirvana provides endless inspiration for delivering services to children and families.

Alex provides face-to-face psychotherapy and assessment services from the Rockhampton clinic and he is also passionate about providing telehealth psychology services to people in rural or remote communities and for whom a face-to-face consultation may not be suitable.

Invision is a term we use to describe insight or the ability to know one’s self more deeply. When we look “inside” ourselves we can better understand our strengths and challenges, our beliefs and thought patterns and their relationship to the events in our life. With insight we can gain clarity on our goals and values, and work toward making changes to our inner world that will be reflected into our outer reality.

For each individual, the process of invision is a personal journey and the insights gained will have a unique meaning, purpose and value. At Invision Psychology we hope to be a guide and companion on the road to self understanding, offering our knowledge of the science of psychology to help map the terrain and provide the necessary tools to enable each individual to make progress toward a deeper understanding of the Self and to live life to it’s fullest potential.