Medicare Mental Health Care Plan

What is a mental health care plan?

A mental health care plan is a plan made with your GP to treat your mental health issues. It sets the outcomes you and your doctor hope to achieve, and lays out the steps to get there.

It might include appointments with a range of suitable professionals, like psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers or occupational therapists.

A mental health care plan also makes your treatment more affordable, by allowing you to claim your appointments on Medicare. You’ll be able to claim a Medicare rebate on up to 10 individual sessions or group appointments in a calendar year. After the first 6 sessions, you’ll need to check in with your doctor to access the remaining sessions, if you need them.

Who can get a mental health care plan?

You don’t need to have an existing mental health diagnosis to talk to your doctor about a mental health care plan.

Whether your concern is minor or serious, short or long term, a mental health care plan gives you access to any help you need to feel well again.

How do I get a mental health care plan?

To speak to a doctor about getting a mental health care plan, you should:

  1. make an appointment with your GP, requesting a longer appointment time if possible,
  2. tell your doctor about your mental health concerns, and
  3. provide detailed answers to the questions your doctor asks you

Based on your responses, your doctor can then work with you to develop your mental health care plan. They may also recommend other resources if they decide a plan is not the best solution for your situation.

What psychology services are eligible for a Medicare rebate?

Once your mental health care plan referral has been received from your GP, you can access rebates for up to 10 sessions in a calendar year for psychological assessment and treatment of mental health conditions either in-person or via telehealth (phone or video call).

How will my rebate be processed?

Once payment has been made in full, a rebate will be processed by our software to your nominated bank account and you will receive an email notification with a receipt.